Token is currently reviewing portfolios of qualified senior interface designers who lead the team to create complex interactive experiences for application, software and web interfaces. The Senior Visual Designer is responsible for leading Digital Media projects.  The Sr. VD is responsible for understanding a client’s business and communication goals, and translating them into unique creative solutions.  The Sr. VD takes an active, hands-on role in leading ideation with team members, providing art direction to other designers, and working with producers and technologists to implement designs into technology frameworks.  This important role requires broad knowledge and advanced skills in visual design, information architecture, user interface, and a solid understanding of available client-side technologies.

Qualified candidates will share our belief that design is as much about behavior and emotion as it is about utility and ease of use.  Senior designers provide leadership in concept development, creation of original art and wire-frame interaction model, project design/development, and QA.  They are responsible for the development of innovative navigation systems, interface designs, typography, and screen or page layouts for software, application, web sites, and other interactive media.  They will push the state-of-the-art with every creation and thrive in our fast-paced studio.


Qualified candidates must have at least 6 years experience with interactive media design, and possess the following characteristics:

Must be wildly creative and obsessively meticulous.

Must understand user behavior as it relates to design.
Exceptional design talents with stylistic breadth that demonstrates sensitivity to diverse subject matter from product interaction to software tools and applications to the web.

Superb information design abilities, fastidious and efficient production and optimization habits, and impeccable problem solving skills.

Command of leading design software, e.g., Illustrator, Flash, and PhotoShop.

Solid understanding of practical benefits and limitations of Internet technologies (Shockwave, Flash, Java, DHTML, CGI, etc.)

Intimate knowledge of HTML, understanding how comps translate to code.

Must be self-motivated, good communicator, comfortable with following direction, thrive on multidisciplinary teams, and able to balance great design with meeting short deadlines.

Strong interpersonal skills and ability to maintain client relationships.

Able to produce results independently as well as collaboratively in a team environment.

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Mobile Designs

For us, designing for mobile isn’t just about the size of the viewport but about understanding how portability, preferences, proximity, and personalization can enhance the user experience.

Wearable Technology

As digital technology becomes more integral to our daily lives it’s migrating from device interfaces to wearable ones. At Token, we’re preoccupied with concepting and prototyping the kind of frictionless, pervasive technology that defines the next stage of the web.

Desktop Design

As primary as mobile has become, the desktop remains a daily focal point for most users. We take a progressive approach to design focuses on optimal content and utility for the desktop users while ensuring a high level of usability and contextual relevance for mobile devices.

Connected Spaces Design

The world around us is becoming increasingly digitized - a phenomenon Forrester Research refers to as “The Splinternet”. Our strategy, design, and technological expertise enables your brand to stay connected in an always-on, multi-touch environmental world.

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