Rob Kurisko

Rob Kurisko excels at managing risks and ambiguities in complex, high profile projects. He combines a meticulous attention to detail with a talent for helping project teams and stakeholders communicate effectively, agree on rapidly-changing priorities, and reconcile divergent, often conflicting interests all while maintaining a calm professional demeanor.

Recently he was employed at Siegel + Gale as a Senior Project Manager where he managed teams of simplification experts and designers to create communications for divisions of the US Government (IRS, SEC, GSA and FDA), PNC Bank and Nationwide Insurance.

Before his career in branding he worked in advertising as an account manager on some of the world’s leading brands including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Citigroup and UBS.

Rob has an undergraduate degree from Bryant College and an advanced degree in Connoisseurship Studies from Christie’s.



Mobile Designs

For us, designing for mobile isn’t just about the size of the viewport but about understanding how portability, preferences, proximity, and personalization can enhance the user experience.

Wearable Technology

As digital technology becomes more integral to our daily lives it’s migrating from device interfaces to wearable ones. At Token, we’re preoccupied with concepting and prototyping the kind of frictionless, pervasive technology that defines the next stage of the web.

Desktop Design

As primary as mobile has become, the desktop remains a daily focal point for most users. We take a progressive approach to design focuses on optimal content and utility for the desktop users while ensuring a high level of usability and contextual relevance for mobile devices.

Connected Spaces Design

The world around us is becoming increasingly digitized - a phenomenon Forrester Research refers to as “The Splinternet”. Our strategy, design, and technological expertise enables your brand to stay connected in an always-on, multi-touch environmental world.

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