Richard Pasqua

As an accomplished creative director, brand architect and strategist, Token Founder and CEO Richard Pasqua has helped design and reshape some of the most iconic brands in the business.  As the Founder and CEO of Token, he is helping those same brands rethink their whole approach to digital.

Prior to starting Token, Rich founded and built out the interactive division of renowned branding firm, Siegel+Gale where he helped Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, Bloomberg, HP, and Aetna design and execute on their online strategies. For all of these clients the same dilemma arose over and over: how do you stay connected with your customers in an always-on world? At a point where most are still figuring out exactly what digital means to their brand, we’re facing an ever-expanding array of devices, interfaces and connected and convergent objects and spaces that add new layers of complexity.

Rich started Token with the goal of helping clients build their brand in the fast-evolving media ecosystem. His background in digital branding, gaming, product development, social, mobile, and multiplatform user experience design gives him a unique ability to help clients create strategies for success in the new digital landscape. With Token, he’s assembled an interdisciplinary team of creative design and development professionals from some of the top agencies in the business and leads them in their efforts to make Token clients the most engaging and connected brands on (and off) the web.

In his professional life prior to Token and Siegel+Gale, Rich spent several years as Design Director for Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., and Noggin online where he in developed award-winning children’s interactive websites and story-driven games, building the Nickelodeon properties into the most popular destinations on the web for kids and parents as well as the most lucrative and award winning properties in the portfolio of parent company, Viacom. His artistic collaborations as a designer, composer, writer and photographer include work with Altoids, Joshua Davis/Praystation – Virtual Voodoo, Aranda+Lasc,  Terraswarm Architects, Vernon Reid of Living Colour Linda Zacks Studios and Chris Burk/Glowmag to name but a few. An active writer, speaker and judge at design events and conferences, his creative and design excellence has been recognized and honored by numerous organizations, and has received multimedia and broadcast awards from around the world.

“Your Brand Lives Between the Clicks”




Mobile Designs

For us, designing for mobile isn’t just about the size of the viewport but about understanding how portability, preferences, proximity, and personalization can enhance the user experience.

Wearable Technology

As digital technology becomes more integral to our daily lives it’s migrating from device interfaces to wearable ones. At Token, we’re preoccupied with concepting and prototyping the kind of frictionless, pervasive technology that defines the next stage of the web.

Desktop Design

As primary as mobile has become, the desktop remains a daily focal point for most users. We take a progressive approach to design focuses on optimal content and utility for the desktop users while ensuring a high level of usability and contextual relevance for mobile devices.

Connected Spaces Design

The world around us is becoming increasingly digitized - a phenomenon Forrester Research refers to as “The Splinternet”. Our strategy, design, and technological expertise enables your brand to stay connected in an always-on, multi-touch environmental world.

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